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George Frei's Monster Series is a collection of short stories, Illustrations, and sketches where every corner and every turn will be met with the possibilities of wonder, amazement, and fear. George Frei's Monster Series is filled with sections such as Frankenstein's Failures, Mythology, Sketchbook, and short stories such as Pumpkin King, ShadoCasters, and The Tree Monster and Me. Frankenstein's Failures takes a glimpse into the lost pages of Dr. Frankenstein's journal and his tragic spiral into madness as his failures fuel his passion to perfect the human condition. The Pumpkin King is an urban legend story of Anton Gabor and his tragic connection to the Pumpkin King on All Hallows Eve in 1930's Chicago. ShadoCasters takes you on an adventure with were hyena's and were lions clash in a medieval world filled with savagery and magic. The Tree Monster and Me is a mysterious adventure story about a boy who must come to terms with the ways of the world and realize his destiny in a desperate struggle of man vs nature.

George Frei's Monster Series

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